All-in-one serverless JavaScript runtime

We extend the Web Platform to the server side, with enhancements for data-intensive applications and secure & efficient multi-tenant operation.

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Blueboat is open-source software that you can run on your own servers.



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Cold start in
17 milliseconds.

We combine Google's state-of-the-art V8 JavaScript engine, process-level snapshots, and Rust to speed up everything from cold start to runtime performance.


Handle data and use external APIs, easily.

Blueboat comes with support for encoding, parsing, and transforming different kinds of data, and provides native access to popular external services. All built-in and implemented in Rust, so you don't have to pull in heavy third-party JavaScript libraries.

See an overview of the JavaScript API

Powerful distributed system primitives.

A transactional key-value store, message queues, and reliable event streaming to the client. All directly accessible from JavaScript.

Demo: Distributed real-time chat in 15 lines of JavaScript

Secure and efficient multi-tenancy.

Apps are isolated from each other with multiple layers of security: V8 isolates, user and process boundaries, and seccomp. With efficient copy-on-write fork() on Linux, we are able to reduce multi-tenancy overhead to a minimum.

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